As we’re getting close to having all the parts of our system in place I thought it’d be fun to have a look back at how our plans have turned into reality. It’s quite an interesting story in images:

We started off with the first plans for our large Aquaponics system

Large Polytunnel Aquaponic System

These went through lots of refinements to maximize the use of space and got to the current “final design” for our Aquaponic system

Our Aquaponic Polytunnel

Then we got into the Eco-House and could finally start measuring up for the polytunnel

Polytunnel Site

And then after one great weekend the frame of our Aquaponic polytunnel was up:

Assembled polytunnel

And then, after a weekend away and a bit of dithering, the Aquaponic fish tanks and Growbeds arrived at it started to look a lot like the Large Aquaponic System Plans.

Aquaponics Tanks

Getting pretty close now! Just got to get the stands and plumbing done!